Teacher Center Funding

Much of the funding comes from the state in the form of a competitive grant, but it is not the intent for state monies to fully fund a given teacher center. Many in-kind services from the districts will contribute to the program's success and stability. The district can provide money, space, phone, custodial and/or secretarial support, and administrative assistance. Teachers are sometimes charged nominal fees for the various in-services and workshops. Donations of money, equipment or consultants fees can come from the business community, the PTA, etc. Grants from private foundations or corporations are also a possibility. Finally, partnerships with universities, teacher unions, professional organizations, and SETRC contribute to our budget.
Yearly annual budget cut attempts threaten severe cutbacks of Teacher Centers statewide. NYSUT has sponsored a page for you to send a fax or eMail to your Legislators and the Governor. Please write in support of New York State Teacher Centers.
If you'd like to see the Mid-Hudson Teacher Center continue as a staff development agent that responds to the identified needs and interests of educators, please consider becoming an MHTC SUPPORTER for the school year.